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Do you know Jonas Birgersson ? Towards "broadband 2.0"...

Jonas is a "zen" swedish guy... But be carefull, swedish people are very "dangerous"... Not for you and me, but for the "emperors of the old age"... Remember Niklas Zennstrom and his kazaa (big problems for majors), skype (big problems for the historical telcos...), and remember the previous company of Jonas : Bredbandbolaget (probably the first company to offer FTTH in the world)...
So, at the Ipcities conference in Viladecans (Spain) in November 2007 (please see my previous posts in french), Jonas explain us his new business...
FTTB (fiber optic to the building) + Cat6 ethernet wire for apartment... Capex : 300 €, Opex (3€/month). And you pay 20€/month for 100 megabits/s symetric...
It's an open access model. And you can change  ISP in .... 5 seconds..  Yes, 5 seconds...  That's a good idea, isn't ?
But, but... What's about his "superfast mobile broadband" ?  Wouah !
I hope Jonas launches its business in France very quickly... And I hope that's our european politicians understand what's are the economic benefits of an "open access network" for all Europe.
It's sure : we have nice guys in Europe...

To contact Jonas Birgersson here
The web site of Labs2 here

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Ben on est en plein dans ce que j'ai appellé NumeriX (cf commentaire du 21/11) .

Et bravo pour la mise à disposition toutes ces informations.

Pour Skype, beaucoup de rumeurs sur un possible rachat par .... google.


Labs2 is the future. They will show as how broadband network should be. Of course open network, so everybody can choose their own ISP. And it is VERY cheap to! xDSL for exempel, costs a lot more, almost the double. So, fibernetwork is the best! :)


Of course we know Jonas Birgersson ! I had a great time with him last week in Stockholm and again a few months ago in Menorca :

and here


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